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Let me tell you a little about the Odessa Chambliss Quality of Life Fund which was established in memory of our family’s greatest matriarch who worked in the nursing profession for 16 years in the state of New Jersey.

After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1993, Odessa continued to work for as long as she was physically able.  It was early 1995 when Odessa’s health began to decline and she was unable to work.  Her primary physician informed us (her children) that the staff had done all that was medically possible and said, “from this point on, it would not be the quantity of life your mother has, but the quality of what is left of her life that will make a difference to all of you.”

Our mother passed away peacefully on April 2, 1996 after fighting a serious battle with the deadly disease we call cancer.

In her honor, we developed and vowed to use this particular fund to provide grant supplementation for individuals pursuing a career in nursing, and to assist those students who require incidentals such as medical supplies, laptop computers and necessities that are not accessible through basic tuitions.

Additionally, this fund will provide monetary scholarships for education and cancer research at institutions and facilities that identify an urgent need for assistance.

... Lucille O'Neal

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